We always love to organize our travel for our friends (or acquitances or anyone who randomly ask "can I come with you?") and see how they cope with stress of travelling according to our style i.e. street food, getting lost, long hours of driving, un-confortness of rough accomodation, local discoveries. Generally they survived and enjoyed the experience.However, as we are a bit of sadic, we not only brought with us, but we also ranked according to their reactions. Interested in joining for the next adventure? Write us (contact details below)

The Original Group

SHKARLL - Shkarll was on of the early members and the iron-lady of the group, although since she gave birth to a beatutiful daughter she is at the moment no longer taking part of the trips. A memorable moment was when she turned upside-down the poor fellow travel Mosole for not driving the tuk-tuk as a man … As result, we spent an incredible day along the Ho Chi Minh trail almost reaching the border with Laos, arriving at destination only late in the night. We hope to see her back in the future. Sara appears in the following videos: India, Isreael and Vietnam.​ We wait to see her back in 15 years when her daughter will hopefully leave home, allowing Shkarll to travel again with us.

COMANDANTE - I met Comandante at the university. Since we both moved to UK we started travelling together in various remote places. Comandante took part the early adventures in India, Isreael, Oman and was the man in charg for organizing the Bosnia rafting and the Vientam motorbike adventure. Comandante likes tough travels with a historical angle: the Vietnamese war, Yugoslavia Civil War, World War I in the Dolomites, Isreaeli-Palestine situation etc. With Comandante, we planned together a few travels which didn't yet materialize: such as Colonial Eritrea and Egyptian Desert. More recently he settled down with family live, and missed the main adventures during 2012 - 2015. Despite that, he's a key member for the expeditions in the Dolomites (2013 and 2016), came to visit the hostile (for him) city of Naples in 2014 and will join back together with his wife Olga for the trip to Cambodia in January 2017.

FUMAGALLI - Main characteristic of Fumagalli is missing the flight or cancelling the trip at very last minute. When she manages to arrive at destination, she's always a ticking bomb. In India she manges to drive the tuk-tuk off road after the first 5 meters of driving. In Uganda, Fumagalli came for the first time with a boyfriend … incredibly both survived Africa but not the life back home. Fumagalli always comes with her unseparatable blackberry in 3 journeys: IndiaBosnia-Montenegro and Uganda.​

VECCHIA QUERCIA - As Augustus' boyfriend (and later husband), he was forced to participate. His baptism came with the Vietnam motorbike adventure where Quercia stood his ground. After that he refused to participate to the Colombian Oddisey two years later (claiming he had work to do) but took part of the insane Uganda adventure. We expect to see him (and Augustus) back in 18 years when his son Filippo will become adult 

AUGUSTUS is a long standing member of many adventures, including India, Oman, Bosnia, Isreael, VientamColombia and more recently Uganda. She is the one who came with the original idea of the Indian tuk-tuk race. Augustus always finds her way in any weird situation. And regardless of where we are going or how long is the trip, she always manages to pack everything in a small cabin suitcase. One of the finest experts in booking flights at best rates. Now looking after her new baby, Filippo. We will see her in 10 years.

REVELLIS - You never know if Revelli is really realising where she is or what she is doing during a travel. She gives the impression to have her head in the clouds but the reality is that you can through anything to her and she will always keep going. Like in Vietnam when she fall with the motorbike, got wounted on all the arms and continued as nothing was happened for the rest of the day ... and when cleaning the bleeding wounds in the evening we all though thet they were serious). You can find Revellis in Vietnam and Ugandan adventures.​

FRAC - I met Frac in India and since then he participated to several adventures including Bosnia, Vietnam, ColombiaOman and Uganda and more recently in Ecuador. Known for his professional negotiating and harassing skills, he always plays a pivotal role in organizing, negotiating and claiming money back. Memorable moment when I found him in the middle of nowhere, with a broken tuk-tuk, negotiating with an Indian mechanic the price of the repairs for more than 30 minutes. How much was that? The mechanics wanted 0.5 Euro cents while Frac was offering no more than 0.3 Euro cents. Apart from negotiating, Frac is always on the front-line when comes to party till late, even if the following day we have to wake up at 6am. In 2009 he embarked in a 3-month trip around South America which is fully documented in the 5 videos "Frac's Great Escape". ​

Special Guests

GRENA - Grena partecipated only in the Bosnia-Montenegro adventure but got a spotlight due to his enthusiasm in paddling during the rafting of the Tara river. “A spanela!” is Grena’s motto (untranslateable). We also randomly met him and his wife in Myanmar in 2015, althogh they don't appear in the video.​

BIANCI - Originally a friend of my wife, Bianci was so amused by watching my earlier videos that at some point she asked to participate (for the Bosnia-Montenegro rafting adventure. Since then she developed the Milan branch of the group of people bringing on board Sere (see below) for the Colombia odissey and Daniele on the Ugandan trip. Bianci is always reliable in helping organizing the logistical details. Her experience in the red cross (and in emergency healing) provide some safety to the team.

The New Generation

JULIAN - Julian deserve a special spot in this "Hall of Fame" because it was with him I embarked in the very first adventure which set the standard for all other ones. In 2007 myself and Julian (colleagues at that point in time) went into the Omani desert without knowing where we were, where to go and what to do (the only thing we knew was that we had 20 liters of water with us). He was the only friend enough "mad" to enthusiastically embark in a trip in a country which he never heard (not to say where it was on the map). It was an adventure as such where we both supported each other in some critical moments. Like when we walked along Wadi Tiwi, it was me to convince Julian to enter into an aquatic cave whose entrance had no more than a very few centimetres of space where to breathe, and a few hours later, we were on 300km far away completely stuck with our 4x4 in the desert dunes .... There it was Julian who, with a smile, managed turn the situation into a lough and eventually allow us to get off the sand and reach a desert camp base in the middle of nowhere. Oman 2007 was also the first adventure where I start shooting videos (and you can tell that watching the poor quality of that)

CONDOR is a solo-traveller. Despite that he partecipated to the Oman expedition in 2008 and become famous for two things. Firstly, for his fluerescent colour of the skin despite any exposure to the sun and secondly, for his motto “I don’t dislike” when he is offered to eat other’s people left-over food

NIC - Nic Colavito is a great sport companion. Colavito organized two sport events documented in the videos NY Marathon 2008 and Tough Mudder Wales 2013. For many years is trying to convince me to climb Kilimanjaro and all major mountains of the 5 continents (note: he comes from sea-side South Italy and cannot be properly defined as mountain expert) … doubt I’ll resist for long.

YUN is Nonno's girlfriend (and Boss) and one of the few non-Italian to join us. Originally from Thailand, Yun is well known for her resilience and practical attitude in solving daily issues and great skills in dealing with locals. Yun came to Myanmar and Mongolia.

ALE - Ale is one of the latest additions to our adventures. She enthusiastically signed-up for Mongolia before knowing where exactly we were going. Ale brings a bit of erudition in our journeys: she she describes our experience in her diaries with beautiful rethoric which is generallu factually wrong. Having said that, Ale is fearless for any adventures as can be seen in the videos in Norway and Ecuador. She always comes with an inseparable pair of glasses like "Antonello Venditti". 

NONNO - Nonno is an old friend from the high school who now lives between Hong Kong and Shanghai since 2004. He took part to 6 great adventures (Vietnam, Colombia, DolomitesUgandaMyamar and Mongolia). During the adventures Nonno does absolutely nothing: not involved in organizing, doesn't like to plan or help others; howeve his presence provides great moral support to the group by costantly highlighting the risks of death, kidnapping, diseases and turning into a cinic lough any difficulty encountered (which by the way, helps). ​He is also keen in knowing the local culture and traditions to see how the life is miserable for almost every human being on this planet.

CRISSTINA - Cri likes to travel “in-style” which quite offently (if not always) clashes with the rought itineraries and low-cost accomodations we orgnize for her. Despite that, Cri always get to the finishing line without any trouble (as in Colombia or in Bosnia) and is a pivotal element for the nightlife of the trips. In Uganda she even survived to a car accident caused by Nonno, proving her resilience to any event. In Mongolia, God was on her side to avoid sitting on the UAZ (the terrible Russian jeep). When we finally forced her to drive the UAZ, the car suddenly broke, leaving no other choice to Crissstina than to go back on the more comfortable Toyotas. Crissstina was also helpful to discover Naples, the city she claims she was born in.

SERE - The “Camionist” Sere is known for her no-frills, no-bullshit talks. Sere always speak her mind as we learn during the adventures in Colombia (2012), in Uganda (2014), Mongolia (2015) and Ecuador (2016). The topic moment was when responding to a joke made by Frac, she mimed the jesture of a blowjob meaning … “don’t bullshit me”. In Mongolia Sere had an outstanding performance, especially in teasing every second the "aristocracy" and "poshness" of Ale and Crissstina

PEGGY is an old friend from the high school. For approx. 5 years I tried to convince him to come in our trips, but it was impossible to move him from his beloved sofa. Only all of a sudden, he signed up for the Uganda trip where he became famous for losing the keys of the car (that required a 4 hour stop for a mechanic to fix). Since then he's always the first to sign up for any new adventure (recently in Mongolia and Norway)

PIRAS is one of most recent and successful addition. Introduced by Cristina, Piras came to Norway without knowing anyone. Piras adds to the group a lot of colours and fun. He's able to speak even with the walls and he never stops making funny jokes. The only moment he stopped was in Ecuador, when the high altitude (nearly 5,000mt) took the oxygen away from him and allowed all of us to enjoy the silence of the mountain .... before he started to speak again and make everybody laugh. 

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