London Street Art

While travelling you always encounter art, even if you don't visit museums. It's the Street Art (or Urban Art) which I get used to love the most. Coming from the Graffiti culture of the '70s and '80s street art is its evolution and one of the most dynamic artistic movement of the recent years

I first get intrigued by street art in 2008, when we visited Israel and we noticed murales on the wall separating the Palestinian Territories ... I later discovered these were done by a guy called Banksy who was also very active in London - where I live. Back home I watched the movie "Exit through the gift shop" and since then, I got more and more interested in street artists


Street Art can fit and enhance the urban environment. It is often humorous and irreverent and in many cases, it carries a social or political message. Over the years I tended to love the work of artists that are sympathetic with the local communities and represent the local citizens 

The beauty of street art is that is extremely dynamic. It interacts with the environment and changes constantly. Some of the street art works may last for years, but many only lasts for a few months, if not weeks. So it's a free museum that constantly changes ... and the fun is in spotting the difference, the battles or the cooperations between the artists, and so on

Going around the city discovering where the latest works are, makes the urban areas more interesting and exciting to explore. The social messages that many street artists try to communicate, contribute also to the understanding of social issues and local communities


Chewing gum Man (aka Ben Wilson) on Millennium Bridge // May 2015
Street Art Tour // November 2013
Mr Brainwash // August 2012
Mr Brainwash // August 2012
Mr Brainwash // August 2012