(ENG) Israel travel documentary

For our first travel with a baby, we chosed the Holy Land. In this travel documentary we explore Israel. In another one we will tell you about our visit to the West Banks The city of Jerusalem is where we spend a few days, discovering the narrow alleys of the old town and admiring the various people praying. Jerusalem is truly one of the most interesting and amazing cities in the whole world We explore the North by car. First we stop at the ruins of Caesarea and then we have a stroll in the streets of Akko (Acre) on the Mediterranean coast. Tzfat in Galilea, is our next destination and our base to visit the Golan heigths, a lush region very rich in water that was grabbed by Israel in 1967 with the Six-day war We then head South, along the Jordan valley. We pass by the Sea of Galilea and we stop to admire the Roman ruins of Bet She’an. Our destination is the Dead Sea, where we visit the Masada. An acient fort now a symbol of Israel. After having refreshed at the wadi of Ein Gedi, we make our way to Our final destination: Tel Aviv

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