(ENG) Agrigento Street Art documentary

From Beirut to the narrow streets of the centre of Agrigento, one of the oldest cities in Sicily (Italy). In this documentary we again look out for the local street art scene. In Agrigento, street art is located in two main hotspots near the streets of via Neve and via Vallicaldi. The art is still a bit raw, but with a clear effort to embellish the city.

In this video we talk more about how Italian historical centres. They can leverage on their strengths (beauty, good food, history) to attract a crowd of free-lancer and artists, that can work remotely but are looking for some affordable places where can live and meet with other interesting individuals

We move to the nearby village of Favara to understand how a artistic experiment completely change the phase of the town. It is called the Farm Cultural Park


DuDa by Ian Post

Tropical Paradise by Theevs

Last Countdown to the End by Mikki Aglaganov

Songs licensed with www.artlist.io (license no. 189303) and www.sounstripe.com

#Sicily #SouthItaly #Agrigento #StreetArt #UrbanArt

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