(ENG) Iceland: a travel documentary

This time we are in Iceland, for a short adventure in the far North. A land of volcanos, waterfalls and glaciers. We have only 4 days and adverse weather conditions with unstoppable rain and cold temperatures. We start the first day exploring the Golden Circle, the easy itinerary a few hours from Reykjavik.

This comprises the rift valley of Thingvellir, the famous geysers and the majestic waterfall of Gulfoss. In Thingvellir Engel has to dive into the cold water to rescue his camera. In the late afternoon, we drive toward the town of Vik, stopping along the way to admire the beautiful waterfall of Seljalandsfoss, when it starts raining.

The second day is under the rain. We have to abandon our idea of a 7-hour trek in the Skaftafell park. Instead we go to the Fjallsárlón lagoon to watch the iceberg cracking out of the Vatnajökull glacier. Some of us try to reach Svartifoss, which require 45 minutes of walk under the rain.

The third day is dedicated to more relaxation. In the morning we drive back, stopping by the 4th waterfall (Scagafoss) before finally reaching the Blue Lagoon, where we can finally soak into the warm thermal water. Last day is dedicated to a short visit of Reykjavik and guess what? The sun is shining!


Valentina Vitali

Guglielmo Biason

Vera Bolognese

Lucio Fracaro

Francesca Agosti

Mikael Castelluccio

Nagore Marco Solagaistua

Engelberto Ruvalcaba

Cristina Buonocore


Bright Dreams - by Kick Lee Breathing - by Luna Wave

Sun and the Moon - by Moments

Pulse - by K. Solis Like an Angel - by Strength to Last

Lights in the Sky - by Caleb Etheridge

All songs licensed with Soundstripe.com or Artlist.com (license number 189303)

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