(ENG) Lebanon & Beirut: travel documentary

A travel documentary on one of the most complicated places in the Mediterranean, Lebanon and it capital Beirut. A place where the fascination for the traveller comes from the local people. We visit the old Phoenician cities of Sidon, Tyre, Biblos. The roman ruins of Balbaak and the Ommayadi town of Anjar. We also explore Tripoli, in the North but our heart has been captured by Beirut. Where we explore a difficult city, thanks to the help of Ronnie, and especially Iffat


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travelvideographers

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travel_videographers

Website: www.travelvideographers.com


Ronnie - www.bebeirut.org

Iffat - www.tastelebanon.co.uk


31 March - 6 April 2018


Valentina Vitali

Guglielmo Biason


For the Soul - by Yanivi

Bridge to the Horizont - by G-Yerro

Ahead (instrumental) - by Jonathan Maurin

Shimmer Sky - by Caleb Etheridge

Step One - by Caleb Etheridge

Going Home Part 2 - by Sean Williams

Epic Days - by G-Yerro

Ahead - by Jonathan Maurin

All songs can be found at www.artlist.com

#Lebanon #Beirut #MiddleEast #Tripoli

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