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An amazing travel to Jordan, in the Middle East to visit not only Petra and Jerash, but also to enjoy the various experience of this beautiful country. Our documentary starts in the desert, where we got caught by the rain in a canyon and risked a flash flooding. The risk of drowning in the desert is just the beginning of our adventure. Jordan offers you a travel through all ages of human history. Starting from the ancient times, with the biblical site relating of Moses' and Jesus' to the Roman times, that can be seen in Petra or Jerash. More recently, our trip brought us to visit the neighbourhoods of Amman. Here we see the issues of the more recent history, when we have the opportunity to talk to Father Kahlil Jaar and what is doing for the less lucky


Valentina Vitali

Guglielmo Biason


Dive - Chase Banker

Summer Walking - Young Rich Pixies

Fire - Colors and Carousels

Turkish Spirit - Alon Ohana

Green Hills - Blaehubb

Epicness - Young Rich Pixies

Time Stood - Marc Robillard

Sunscape - Oliver Michael

Skyline - Caleb Etheridge

The Great Dictator Illuminati - Syncro

Stand - A-Group

Summer Night - Diva Production Music

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