(ENG) Street Art in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo is the capital of Sicily. For centuries, it has been home of many civilisation, which created a number of layers of cultures, traditions, colours and people. This richness of diversity can be seen not only on the historical landmarks, but also in the street art scene that we can see today We start exploring Palermo street art scene from Vucciria, a popular neighbourhood famous for the market but the highlight of this city is the new giant mural of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, two judges, two true Italian heroes that dedicated their life to fight against the mafia and the corrupted part of the Government that supported it

EDITING Guglielmo Biason

FILMING Serena Melis

MUSIC Elevation by Gravity, Lantern by Jonathan Barlow, Till I Say So by Tyler Fiore Diamond, Heart by Jhojan Mauricio, Songs licensed with Art List

#Palermo #Italy #Sicily #SouthItaly #StreetArt

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