(ENG) London Street Art documentary

EPISODE 1 - Street art is the most spontaneous form of contemporary art nowadays. In this episode, we explore some of main artists and their works around London. We start in Star Yard, a car park with one of the highest concentration of art in London. We explore how some artists have followed Banksy, making strong political messages with their works, while others focused more on the communities around. Follow us in this journey

EPISODE 2 - In this episode we try to explain the difference between graffiti and street art. We will visit a spot that market a battle between the most famous graffiti writer and the most famous street artist and finally, wander in Camden to feel the presence of Amy Winehouse ... Follow us!

EPISODE 3 - In the third episode we will start in Dalston, looking at one of the oldest and more astonishing giant murals in London. As we walk from Dalston to Shoreditch, we will talk about the implications between street artists and the urban environment. Lastly, we will explore Hackney Road and Clare Street

#London #StreetArt

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