(ENG) Ecuador travel documentary

To leave behind a seascape houses and then to find yourself walking on the half of the world. To be purified by a shaman woman in a botanical garden and then savour the typical “tortillas de papas” dish. To flank in silence the slope of a lake, from the height of 4,000 meters, overlooking the surrounding valleys and volcanos and then to immerse yourself in the colours and scents of one of the biggest market of all the South America.

To live the simple everyday life of a local community to then lose yourself sailing within the labyrinth of the Amazon water channels. To fly towards a lunar, occasionally Jurassic landscape where the relationship between animals and man seems to be still primordial to then find yourself walking the urban scale of a colonial city but with a village atmosphere.

To drive along the unpredictable roads of the Pan American highway and to then find yourself climbing a mountain of 5000 meter, breathless in the snow.

And to end, at the holidays' sunset, with the Andes Cordillera following our homeward way. This, for us, is what Ecuador has been.


Editing: Guglielmo Biason & Valentina Vitali

Artistic supervision & script: Alessandra Trame



All songs licensed with Audiojungle

- Feeling Epic by Kabbalistic Village

- Bolivian Panflute by Cine Media

- Action Sport by Viktor SE

- Ambient Corporate Motivation by Take-Me

- Uplifting Ambient by Deeper Sound

- Ambient Forest by Monkey Music 2

- Sacrifice by Stormwave Audio

- Happy Sax & Pan Flute House by Soon On Top

- Happy Indie by Dolphine Mind

- Sport by 331

- A Cidade Perdida by Cinematique

- Inspiring Main by Red Lion Production

- The Dubstep by Clean Mind Sounds

- Sadness Credit by ABSounds

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