(ENG) Greek islands: Rhodes

For once we decided to take a relaxing holidays, and last September, we went to the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes looking for nothing else than sunshine, beaches and good food.

In this video quickly summarise our top-5 things to see in this beautiful island. You can easily see all of this in just a weekend, although if you can, try to spend more on this charming place

The acropolis of Kamiros overlooking the sea is a must … for those deep into archeology. For the rest is a nice stop. The butterfly valley allows a relaxed walk away from the sun under the trees. However, the tourists are disturbing the butterfly reproduction and their number is hence decreasing year by year. We won’t go again and will leave this oasis restricted to kids and butterfly experts

Rhodes beaches are not idyllic but there are various beautiful spots and the sea is clean and clear. They are also not too overcrowded. In our view the best of Rhodes are their historical cities. The medieval citadel of Rhodes, with its Venetian style, is one of the best in the Mediterranean but … our favourite place goes to the white city of Lindos, with its narrow streets and the huge fortress that protects the harbour. The fortress was originaly an acropolis built by the Greeks, then converted in a fort by the Byzantines, subsequently conquered by the Knights of the Order of St John before falling in the hands of the Ottoman empire

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