(ENG) Interview at Italian TV show "Il Mondo Insieme"

Today we are in Rome at the studios for our live interview at Italian TV show "Il Mondo Insieme". Presented by Licia Colo', the show takes place on Sunday and is an open windows not only on travels but generally on new cultures.

Our interview lasted almost 17 minutes and was around our recent adventure in Myanmar. The interview was complemented by our footage from Myanmar. It was our very first time on TV and Licia was incredible in making us comfortable. We eventually didn't realise to be on thousands of Italian TVs. We discussed with Licia the organisation of our trip, how we move around. Licia was mostly impressed by the fact that a group of 4 old friends, originally from Italy but living now in London and Hong Kong, met half-way in Myanmar not just to travel, but to continue and strengthen their friendship despite the distance.

Below you can find the full interview (only in Italian).

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