Latest Video // Jordan // January 2018




Myanmar (Burma) // 2015

The Great Adventures

Our most challenging travels around the World with the most improbable ways of transportation. All self-organized with a bunch of crazy friends that, concious or not, decided to come with us

Ecuador // 2016
Mongolia // 2015
Interview on Italian TV
"Il Mondo Insieme" // TV2000 // 29 March 2015


News & Blog

Sri Lanka // 2017

On The Road

On the road travels aim at indulging on local culture, people, traditions, colours and smell. Usually we do these travel on our own or with a small group of friends. The objective of these journeys is to find the less beaten tracks and find something that is not on the Lonely (but should have been in the Lonley). But always bear in mind: we are not professional travellers, we still have a normal life in the office, hence our travels are always in the rush, trying to squeeze as much as we can in up to 15 days

Georgia // 2017
Uganda // 2014
Lebanon // 2018
Ukzbekistan // 2016

We always love to organize our travel for our friends (or acquitances or anyone who randomly ask "can I come with you?") and see how they cope with stress of travelling according to our style i.e. street food, getting lost, long hours of driving, un-confortness of rough accomodation, local discoveries. Generally they survived and enjoyed the experience.However, as we are a bit of sadic, we not only brought with us, but we also ranked according to their reactions. Interested in joining for the next adventure? Write us (contact details below)

Fellow Travellers

Travel Videographers

Valentina Vitali // Guglielmo Biason


Contact us for travel inspiration, if you want us to edit your travel footage, if you want to join us in your next adventure or if you just have any random question

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