13 Jul 2016

Questo mese presento due video con alcune caratteristiche comuni: entrambi girati in Italia sotto intense piogge. Sara’ per l’effetto del riscaldamento globale ha portato il monsone anche nel Mediterraneo


Il primo video narra l’epico scontro tra l’uomo e l’acqua piovana di tre simpatici personaggi: Lucio, Adriano e Marco hanno p...

After visiting Mongolia last Summer, we decided to explore a little further the Silk Road and picked Uzbekistan as our next destination. We didn't really know what to expect: different sources gave us different opinions and we were unsure of what it would have been like.

We found a country full of architectural beauty, a lot of tra...

Overall, Burma has been probably one if not the most breathtaking country we ever travelled. Despite officially being one of the poorest place in the world, we found very industrious and friendly people. 

Yangon: the capital is not too bad to spend 2 days (no more). The Shwedagon Paya at sunset is an inspirational place while walki...

Here we go, it is one of the most ancient cities in Europe with over 3,000 years of history. It passed ages of extreme grandeur and other of profound decline. It's Naples. 

We start from the historical centre. A grid of streets where you can find every possible architectural style: Greek buildings, Roman theatres, Gothic churches,...

16 Aug 2008

Estate 2008, stiamo rientrando dal viaggio che ci ha portato attraverso Gerusalemme, la Palestina, il Negev e il Sud della Giordania (Petra). Arriviamo all'aeroporto di Eilat, I'll punto piu meridionale e sbocco di Israele sul Mar Rosso, con largo anticipo. Ci hanno detto di fare il check-in almeno un paio d'ore prima del volo in...

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August 17, 2019

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