About us

We are very normal people who like travelling. We don't have the luxury or the willingness (yet) to leave everything behind us and start travelling around the World for months or years (although some time we wish). We have very normal jobs in a corporate that we like but, as result we only have 25 days off per year that we can use to do what we like the most: travelling.


We are here to show and inspire you that it's possible to explore the World also if you have a normal jobs i.e. if you don't have an unlimited amount of money (like a billionaire) or time (like a round-the-world traveller). In the last 7 years we have been in over 40 countries, including, among others, Uganda, Myanmar, Mongolia.


Like most of the people that are probably reading these lines, we love other cultures, meet with people and explore new things. In addition, we also love music, sounds and colours but more importantly, we like to share our passion with our friends or families.


A few years back we felt frustrated when we tried to share our feelings when we were coming back home from a journey. As it is said, joy is nothing if not shared. We realized that it's hard to explain how encharming can be sleeping in a desert under the stars to people who never experienced that. Could be boring or even perceived as arrogant. Hence, a few years back, we started filming some short videos and combining it with inspiring music. We realized that a videclip is much more effective in showing what feelings we experienced. We saw that a videoclip could inspire friends at home in packing their luggage. And we liked it.


Over the years an increasing number of friends, friends of friends and random people joined us in our adventures around the World. Over the years, many friends come and go in our travels.


We are a bit sadic, we love to see (and to film) the new joiners facing the difficulties that some journeys pose. Because we love to see everyone (as well as ourselves) out of our comfort zone. This is where people learn the most and (usually) show their best (or true) side, 


Little by little, our videos also grew in quality: better footage, some storytelling, copyright free music. These videos are now collected in this website to inspire you in packing you bag and go off to see what this beautiful world has to offer.




Valentina Vitali

Originally from Treviglio (Italy), Vale move to London in 2007 where she found true love (note: her husband his writing this bio). Vale currently works for a consultancy company in the City. I couldn't have found a better partner. Vale comes enthusiastically with to any exotic destinations (typically learning where we are going when we are on the flight) with superb adaptation skills. Crossing mountains, rafting on rivers, strolling on the beach, boating on the oceans, driving to nowhere … Vale never gives up and always keep going on like a Duracell battery. One memorable moment was when in Salta (Argentina) she was with 39º fever caused by a mix of altitude, early wake-ups and intense travelling on previous days. That night, half asleep on the bed, she told me: "Darling, I love you but tomorrow, when I recover, I’ll kick your ass!”. 


Guglielmo Biason

I made my first video in 2007 after I saw a fried of mine using Windows Movie Maker (a very basic video editing software that is installed in every PC). I was in Oman with a friend. Before that I never cared of taking pictures but in that trip I started filming very short videos. Once back, I spent a Sunday editing them together. I was excited and proud of the result ... despite when I look at it today, it seems a terrible video: boring, shaky, bad quality images, no story. However, it helped in two aspects: first, it showed to my parents that the World is a safe place also outside Europe. Secondly, the video convinced 8 friends of mine to come with me back in Oman one year later. That was the start. Since then I never stopped filming!